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Damaged People

"It's the Katamari Damacy of crossovers."

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Name:Damaged People
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Community description:A massively multifandom crossover, mainly to do with Jack Harkness and Sam Tyler.

} } } damaged people {

A massively multifandom accidental epic following Sam Tyler (Life On Mars) and Jack Harkness (Doctor Who and Torchwood) on their misadventures, as they explore the galaxy, almost destroy some worlds, and barely save others.

} } } playing out forever {

Readers are encouraged to join in the fun by ficcing, arting, filking, remixing, parodying or otherwise riffing on the Damaged People universe. While we'll maintain an official "canon", well, so did Doctor Who, Torchwood, Life On Mars and all the other canons which this universe shamelessly pillages. You should not feel more bound to our canon than we did to theirs. Hop on in!

} } } subtleties that we are not aware of {

While flaming will not be tolerated in this community, it is by default constructive criticism friendly. If you see something that you think can be improved upon, feel free to kindly point it out. ...Note that authors, artists, etc. do retain the right to ask that specific works not be critiqued. Friendly replies are, of course, always welcome.

} } } there is no pretense {

One of your moderators, the charming Jack Harkness, is, in fact, fictional. Deal with it.

} } } these games {

Damaged People Canon Index

} } } disclaimer {

The works in this community represent the creations, for fun, of community participants. They use characters, settings, lines, etc. from a great number of external sources. No infringement is intended by their use. No profit is being generated either by this community or by the works therein. We do this because we love and appreciate the original sources, and love to find new ways of interacting with them.
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